We believe in Trade Beyond Boundaries will expand any business organization to larger spectrum of the economies and to participate in economic growth of the particular market and as a whole contributing to the International Market.

Hence, the International Trade Service is very important for commodity traded through Import and Export channels.


To make the  International Trade easier, we provide the following services,

·   Market identification

·   Sourcing the right products

·   Connecting Buyers and Sellers

·   Organize Banking channels

·   Creating Letters of Credit

·   Prepare Trade Documentation

·   Arranging Insurance and Freight Services

·   Scrutinizing Trade Documentation

·   Overseeing the smooth transition of funds

·   Resolving any Trade Disputes

·   Influence other people, like lobbyists


Our specialized International Trade Services Team will be more than happy to help you to achieve your organizational goals. for mutual success and benefits.



Sri Lanka

#.22/16, B. R. R. Lane
Wolfendhal Street
Colombo 13
Wetsern Province
Sri Lanka

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